Hana Caraka - Farm Animals


This pack features a variety of cute livestock as well as the baby version. There are a total of 5 livestock present in this asset for the current version. Each animal is fully animated in 4 directions and takes up no more than 24x24 pixels. Bring life to your farm with these cute animals!

This asset is in development. So, let me know if there's any animal you want in this asset pack!

** Screenshots contain sprites from Hana Caraka - Cozy Island Tileset, Hana Caraka - Farming Crops Pack, and Hana Caraka - Base Character  **


Update 0.2 on 1 April 2024. Please see the devlog for more details.


  • Animals included in this asset pack:
  • Coop and barn (each has 2 variants)
  • Coop-barn tileset
  • Chicken (4 variants) and a chick
  • Cow and calf (2 variants)
  • Sheep and lamb (2 variants with additional fluffy versions)
  • Goat and kid (2 variants)
  • Alpaca and crias (2 variants with additional fluffy versions)
  • Pig and piglet (2 variants) 
  • Each animal has these animation:
    • 4 frame idle animation
    • 4 frame sleeping animation
    • 6 frame walking animation
    • 4 frame pecking animation (chicken)
    • 4 frame grazing animation (cow, sheep, goat, and pig)
    • 4 frame chewing animation (cow, sheep, goat, alpaca, and pig)


You can:

  • Use these assets in any commercial or non-commercial project.
  • Modify the assets as much as you like.
  • Credit is not necessary, but greatly appreciated :)

You can't:

  • Resell, repackage, or redistribute the asset, even if modified.
  • Include these assets in game-making tools or code templates.
  • Use the assets to train AI image generators
  • Use the assets in a crypto, NFT, p2e, or meta-related project