Hana Caraka - Farming Crops

This tileset features a variety of growing crops, from seeds all the way to ripe for the picking. Plus a few bonus sprites and tileset. It's your time to farm like a pro!

This asset is in development. So, let me know if there's any crop you want in this asset pack!

** Screenshots contain sprites from Hana Caraka - Cozy Island Tileset  and Hana Caraka - Base Character **


Update 0.2 on 26 February 2024. Please see the devlog for more details.


  • Unity's ready-easy-to-use Rule Tiles package.
  • Godot Auto Tile Demo.
  • Field tileset (4 seasons)
  • Green House (2 variants) and its tileset
  • An animated mole!
  • 31 different seasonal crops! [16x16 px] Each crop comes with:
    • Stages of growth (each crops has its stages from 3-4).
    • Labeled seed bag.
    • An extra stage for crops that can be harvested multiple times (corn, tomato, cucumber, etc).
    • Icon of ripe crops.
    • Spring: turnip, potato, cabbage, cucumber, asparagus, strawberry, wheat, pumpkin, caisim, marguriete, and red rose.
    • summer: radish, corn, onion, garlic, shallots, tomato, pineapple, watermelon, honeydew, soybean, pink rose, and sunflower.
    • fall: carrot, eggplant, spinach, yam, bell pepper (green, yellow, and red variants), beetrot, cauliflower, leek, white rose, and lily.
  • Additional sprites:
    • Blank seed bag.
    • Dry and watered tilled soil.
    • Universal seed and dead crop.


You can:

  • Let me know if you're using this asset for your project (I'll share it on my Itch page)
  • Use these assets in any commercial or non-commercial project.
  • Modify the assets as much as you like.
  • Credit is not necessary, but greatly appreciated :)

You can't:

  • Resell, repackage, or redistribute the asset, even if modified.
  • Include these assets in game-making tools or code templates.
  • Use the assets to train AI image generators
  • Use the assets in a crypto, NFT, p2e, or meta-related project